Our New BIPOC Mother's Day Gift Guide

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BIPOC Mother's Day Gift Guide

To get our Mother's Day BIPOC Gift Guide: 

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A Note From Dionne 

 I am so excited to announce our new Iva Jewell BIPOC Mother's Day Gift Guide, and want to thank you all for making this possible!

You are my rock, my supporters, my conscience and my family
You were there when I was lost
You were there when I needed help
You were there just because
You have always been there
Because of you here I am
I love you and Happy Mother’s Day!
I created this Mother’s Day guide to help you celebrate your Mother.
Each business featured offers something unique for all Mothers. 

x Dionne

P.S. Please feel free to share our gift guide with family and friends, they can signup to receive the gift guide here.

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