I am really very lazy, I mean very lazy!!!

I always exercise with thoughts of getting skinny.  Every movement started with I wanna be skinny so I guess I’ll exercise.  

It was horrible and seemed like no matter what I did I wasn't any skinner. 

Skip ahead, a change in mindset from 'Be Skinny' to  'Be Strong'. I want to place my bags in the overhead bin all by myself.  I want to be able to sit down without grabbing onto something.  

I changed my attitude and noticed a few things. I was getting stronger most importantly my mood improved. 

I was pumped after a workout. People would ask me ‘how are you?’ I would say I burned 600cals this morning. 

You hear all the talk about exercise being good for you and your mood. In the TED Talk speaker Wendy Suzuki, does a great job of explaining why and what is happening when you exercise. 





  • Nika says...

    I can sit down without grabbing onto anything! 😂 Now getting up? 😒😒😒😢

    On Feb 27, 2019

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