Up late last night, scheduling content, preparing for the accountants, packing orders and finally sleep.  Today was a good productive day, 4pm just a few more items. A quick break and back to it. Walking to my desk I feel air, a breeze.  OMG!!! My skirt is tucked into my underwear…. OMG my whole aqua covered butt is out for all to see.

Breathe, did anyone see?  Was there anyone behind me? Did anyone see you in the office?? I’m getting dizzy.  The screaming in my head won’t stop… why?? What happened? How did I walk out of the bathroom, across the hall into the other office with my skirt tucked into my underwear????

Ok.  No one is looking at me, good.  I’ll just walk back to my desk… good.  The screaming in my head won’t stop. I’ll call Matthew, Matthew won’t stop laughing. His response ‘Did you have spanx on?’ Still laughing…

Call Christy, she says ‘could be worse you could have been wearing a thong?’ What’s worse wearing a thong or people seeing your butt in a thong walking down the hallways of your job.  Seems like a toss up to me.

Deidra my oldest friend.  She will calm me down. ‘Well I don’t know what the big deal is.  You do all those, deadlift, squats and lunges. You have a good butt and the world should see a real southern california, louisiana fed and loved butt once in a while.’  Ok you may be apart of someone’s ‘bank’ wink wink and that’s ok too. Live your life you have real meat on them bones.’

I’m feel slightly better… NOPE!! I out for the day I can’t risk it, someone saw me I just know it.  I need to get more sleep so I don’t forget to pull my skirt down next time. Sleep that would be good.

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