One of those days…

One of those days…

We all have one of ‘those’ days.  When someone flies into your space and spreads negativity and doubt.  Most days I am resilient to these people and the negativity I can shake it off, that day I couldn’t. 

Full of self doubt I called my Mother, Iva Jewell Carr McCray-Roberts.  She listened and then reminded me of a few things…

At 20 something you relocated to the Bay Area, the Dot Com boom. 

You worked 10 - 18 hours a day

You have slept in offices

You have had horrible bosses and jobs

You cried and fought for respect

You were raised to work hard

You have worked hard

All you have you have worked for

All you have you have earned

You deserve all that you have and all that you want

You deserve success

To those that have something to say, remember the family motto, "Always come from a place of love, smile and forget them!"

We all have those days just remember the family motto "Always come from a place of love, smile and forget them!"

Thanks Mommy!

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