I can't win with clothes, first there was the panty incident at the day job. And now this, in front I 63 powerful women I had a hole in my dress, the right side seam to be exact.  The best part I didn’t even notice.

The day started fine, I was on time and setup by the requested time, I smiled talked about my bags (I did not sabotage myself promise)  and offered special pricing for the women in attendance at the conference. I was feeling good, I had practiced my talked and I felt ready.  Nervous and ready.

Final mirror check, fixed the face shine, checked the dress for coffee stains and finally fixed lipstick. I never did notice the hole, not a draft or anything.  The talk was good, I got lots of questions and only 1 person left early (more about that in another post) there were some bumps, I managed to work through them and moved on to questions and continued sharing my story.

Finished the talk feeling good, happy I can mark that goal off my list and I'm looking forward to other opportunities to share my story.  

Packing up a nice woman told me how well I did and that she enjoyed the talked.  The next line was the dagger through my heart (yes I am being dramatic, it’s my way).  She asked did anyone tell me about the hole in my dress.... I felt the blood rush to my face, I was red with embarrassment.  Sure enough there was a hole in the right side seam. I brushed it off, people probably didn't see it... 'I don't know about that, cause I saw it.'  The kind women said. This is the moment, the test....

Me:  Welp I'm going to tell myself no one saw it because it's too late now to do anything about it.

Laughters all around, the moment had passed, I will live.  No one is perfect and things happen the question is how do you handle them?  Are you able to move through them on to the next big thing or do you dwell on them for hours or days calling your friends reliving the incident.

I chose to move past them another funny stories I can share in my blog posts or at dinner parties.  I don't take myself too serious and realized things happen it’s how you handle them that’s important.


  • Super funny hilarious glad you kept it moving, you know I would of said something 🙌🏾 😆

  • “What matters most is how well you walk through the fire”, as Bulowski said. Great job brushing it off. One of my old project managers heard a similar situation once and we had to staple her dress. Since that day she began carrying an emergency sewing kit in her glove box and I do now as well!

    Erica Pate

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